Let's take another drone flyby of the Tesla Gigafactory

When complete, the Tesla Gigafactory could be the largest building in the world, covering a mammoth 10-million square feet of floor space. While the future battery plant is still quite a ways away from claiming that honor, construction appears to be coming along briskly. A recent drone fly over offers a great look at the pace of the work, making it possible to imagine what the structure might really look like when complete. Did we mention it will be big?

Compared to the last drone flyover of the pilot plant we saw in May, the Gigafactory now sports an actual fa├žade along much of its exterior. A small parking lot is now in place, too. As a sign of the progress, there also looks to be a lot more machinery surrounding the site to make sure everything gets done on time. According to Elon Musk, battery production needs to be underway there in 2017 in order to support the launch of the Model 3, Tesla's lower-cost electric vehicle. While we like watching the building develop, with so much still to be done, that time is going to tick by quite quickly. Stay through until the end to see the drone gain some altitude and get a real sense of scale of this behemoth construction project in Nevada.

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