Lego Ferrari F40 built a brick at a time on time-lapse video

The Ferrari F40 stands as an icon of its era and might be the greatest supercar of all time. The wedge-like shape and squared-off headlights scream high-performance of the late '80s, and the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 makes a magical sound behind the driver's ear. As much as we'd all love to park one in our garages, owning one of these Italian masterpieces is out of the budget for most of us because prices push $1 million or even more for an LM. Even if you can't afford the real thing, Hagerty presents a much less expensive option in a video that puts a version together using Lego pieces, one brick at a time.

Starting from only two bricks, the Ferrari slowly comes together, and it's fascinating to watch the supercar take shape. First, the plastic version of the famous engine emerges, and then the red body gradually appears. The video lets you see hours of work at the kitchen table happen over just one minute.

According to Lego's website, its F40 kit sells for $99.99 and includes 1,158 pieces. The finished product doesn't make the real thing's bombastic sound but is at least a more affordable gift for the holidays.

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