A Rolls-Royce should remind you of a golden age of motoring – cruising around the British Isles with a giant hood ornament pointing the way forward is, in some circles at least, the epitome of class. This latest special edition, however, revives another time and place altogether... one nowhere near as classy.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 1001 Nights edition takes its inspiration from the classic Middle Eastern tome, and throws in some unfortunate 1970s style for good measure. It's done up in a two-tone brown and orange exterior color scheme, for some reason unbeknownst to us, with hand-painted coach lines and Arabian-themed motifs inside and out. The Middle Eastern cues are one thing... the paint job, on the other hand, reminds us of an age when Goodwood was producing ostentatious boxes in questionable color schemes, powered by 6.75-liter V8s mated to three-speed automatic transmissions and producing power that Rolls-Royce referred to as "adequate."

Of course, nobody is forcing anyone to buy this unfortunately customized Ghost. The company's Bespoke division will set one up for any paying customer just the way he or she desires. Just why anyone would desire this particular configuration, however, is beyond us. Still, we doubt the ultra-luxe automaker will have much trouble selling however many of them it produces at whatever price point it determines – such is the apparent demand for Rolls-Royces in the Persian Gulf region.

After North America, the Middle East is the company's largest market. Last year the dealership in Abu Dhabi sold more units than any of the other 126 showrooms around the world. And that's not even including the other dealers in nearby Dubai and Sharjah (both in the UAE), plus additional showrooms in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and three more in Saudi Arabia – all carving up one of the most lucrative markets in the world. It only keeps growing, and Rolls-Royce reports that every last one it sells in the region has been customized by the Bespoke division.

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