Video of child driving on the freeway causes social media uproar in Saudi Arabia

Women may be banned from driving in Saudi Arabia, but that's apparently no reason to keep elementary-aged kids from getting behind the wheel. Another driver uploaded video last week of a youngster driving the family car down a crowded freeway with an older man in the passenger seat, Gulf News reported. He appears to be no older than seven or eight years old. The kid passes several large trucks while traveling down the busy road. As the videographer passed the boy the older passenger noticed the filming and seemed to try and wave off the concerned driver.

Commenters on social media have called on authorities to arrest the grown man in the passenger seat. They say he is knowingly risking this child's life as well as everyone else's life on the road with this stunt. Kids driving way before they're ready happens far too often. Whether it's a drunk parent allowing their child to take the wheel or a truck-obsessed pre-teen scooting around her town in 18-wheelers allowing a child to drive is always extremely dangerous.

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