TVR's new sports car is already sold out

The revived TVR only began taking 5,000-pound deposits ($7,700 at current rates) for the marque's new model on July 7, but in the few weeks since then, the revived British brand has already amassed 250 reservations to hold all of the cars that it planned to build in 2017, according to Autocar. That popularity is especially impressive for a vehicle that not only doesn't have a name yet but also lacks a final design. The company is still accepting pounds from enthusiastic Brits, but now they need to wait until 2018 to get their resurrected TVR.

Despite the warm reception, official details about the new TVR are still practically nonexistent. Gordon Murray Design is partner on the project to do some of the engineering, while Cosworth is developing the front-mounted, naturally aspirated V8 to drive the rear wheels through a manual gearbox. More info should be released later this year.

Autocar has been able to discover a few other particulars details about the project. The chassis reportedly combines a tubular steel space frame with a few panels to add extra rigidity. A mostly composite body is being draped over that chassis with coupe and convertible versions planned. The layout should keep the TVR light, and the V8 is predicted to offer between 450 and 470 horsepower.

TVR eventually wants to add three more models to its lineup, but things are being kept small at the beginning. For now, the company is limiting production to right-hand-drive models for the UK. Left-hand drive and just maybe US exports would come later in the revival.

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