You can audition to be the next Top Gear host

Top Gear already has its replacement for Jeremy Clarkson, but you could be the one to fill the shoes of James May or Richard Hammond. No really, the job could be yours. Starting June 19, newly hired main host Chris Evans (pictured above) is going to start accepting 30-second videos from anyone who might want the job.

"The way Richard and James were found was by auditioning." Evans said to "So what we're going to do is hold auditions. Not just for famous people, ex-famous people, up-and-coming famous people, but for people who are watching the show."

At the moment, there aren't many conditions to apply. "You can be a mechanic, you can be an amateur racing car driver, you can be a guy who's a fireman but who's been building his own Land Rover in his shed for five years, but you've got to know about cars," Evans said to People from all over the world are welcome to apply, but you do have to be at least 16. We expect a willingness to relocate to the UK is probably also a necessity.

This isn't a contest or American Idol, though. There's absolutely no guarantee that the future host (or hosts) come out of this process. In describing what he wants, Evans told "It should just be you, to camera from the waist up. No stunts, no gimmicks, just you talking to camera." If the production team likes a clip enough, that person could be invited to the UK for a bigger audition.

Evans intends to tell folks where to send their clip on the 19th. If any Autoblog readers decide to give it a go, we wish them the very best of luck.

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