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FCA delays distribution of Ferrari shares

Even if you can't afford an actual Ferrari, soon you can own a part of the famous company thanks to its upcoming initial public offering. FCA will put 10 percent of the Prancing Horse on the market in the third quarter of this year. However to reap extra money for 2015's bottom line, the rest of the sports-car maker's stock will remain undistributed for a little longer.

According to Automotive News, the strategy is quite simple to understand. FCA is holding off until the first quarter of 2016 to divvy up the remaining Ferrari stock to shareholders. By doing so, the automaker gets to claim 80 percent of the Prancing Horse's profits for its 2015 financial numbers. While FCA is already showing strong results through Q1 2015, being able to add extra cash on the balance sheet is always a plus.

FCA hasn't set a specific date for the IPO, but Ferrari stock was announced to be traded in the US and possibly on a European exchange, as well. According to Automotive News, FCA currently owns 90 percent of the company, and Piero Ferrari has the remaining 10 percent, which he isn't selling.

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