The initial public offering of Ferrari on the stock market is likely coming in the second or third quarter of this year, but apparently the exact stake of the Prancing Horse set to hit the exchange isn't final.

When FCA first announced the plan to spin off Ferrari, the idea was for 10 percent of the stock to go on the open market in the US and maybe also in Europe. Another 10 percent would go to company vice chairman and Enzo's son Piero Ferrari, and the remaining 80 percent would be divided among current shareholders, including a large portion for the Agnelli family.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne hasn't finished tweaking those numbers, though. Last month, he indicated the automaker might put more than 10 percent of Ferrari on the market to boost liquidity. However, the original proposal has now returned to the table. "I don't believe we will go above 10 percent," Marchionne said, according to Automotive News, but also noted things weren't final.

By increasing the Ferrari stock on the open market for the IPO, FCA decreases the amount going to current shareholders, according to Automotive News. With that being the case, don't expect too much of the Prancing Horse to be offered up to investors when the stock hits the market.

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