From McQueen and Garner to Bana and Dempsey, there's a long and distinguished history of actors turned racing drivers. Paul Newman certainly belongs among them – maybe even at the head of the class – and now he's getting his due.

We first reported on the production of a documentary highlighting Newman's life on the racetrack back in October 2013, and the talents behind the upcoming film have now released the trailer for the film entitled Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman.

The project is being undertaken by none other than Adam Carolla, who is not only a well-known talk show and radio host (and a favorite in this writer's home) but also a certified car nut in his own right. Carolla also just so happens to be Newman's #1 fan when it comes to the legendary actor's racing career, and owns five of the cars in which Butch Cassidy himself raced.

Leave it to him to spearhead the documentary, then, and we're looking forward to watching the finished product and entering it into the our library of racing documentaries alongside favorites like Senna, Love the Beast and Truth in 24.

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