Even though Alexander the Great was bawling into his Chobani Greek yogurt about having nothing to do after conquering the 'world' by the age of 33, he never would have said his victories were easy. Uber, fighting to win battles in an even larger world, is having plenty of its own setbacks on the way to world domination. The latest trouble comes from The Netherlands, where regulators raided the ridesharing company's offices claiming Uber is in violation of a court order.

UberPOP, which has already been smacked down in Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain, connects passengers to private-hire drivers. That's a no-no, contravening laws dealing with interactions with commercial drivers. A judge in The Netherlands ordered the service shut down but Uber continued to run it, hence two visits from the authorities in the span of a week to remove computers and figure out how blatant Uber has been about ignoring the judicial decree.

The court had threatened a 100,000-euro fine if the company didn't fall into line. Uber says it's cooperating with the investigation, but it's clear that the threat of a lower-six-figure fine isn't enough to get it to cooperate with the courts.

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