BMW pitting self-drifting car against drift champion

The BMW M235i certainly makes a capable drift machine. Last year, the Bavarian brand had five of them with the tail out in unison in South Africa for the Driftmob. The coupe even proved that it could slide without a driver's intervention. For the latest sideways stunt, the company wanted to know which was the better drifter: an autonomous car or a human.

This clip is just the trailer for BMW's entire drift challenge video, and it seemingly gives away the ending of the whole thing. We're sure, though, that there must be something more to the stunt than what's on display here.

The driverless Audi TTS from Stanford University was reportedly slightly faster than an amateur racer around Thunderhill Raceway Park recently, and BMW has also been working at this problem for years with things like its Track Trainer. Regardless of how you feel about driverless cars, it's amazing how quickly autonomous tech is progressing – even on the track.

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