Morgan doesn't come out with a new model very often. In fact it's largely been eschewing technological advancement by making mostly the same cars, the same way, for decades. So when the British niche automaker announces it's got something new in store, we take notice.

That's just what Morgan has announced for the Geneva Motor Show this year, releasing only this shadowy teaser image to go on. All we can see is the front end of what appears to be the Aero – an atypical Morgan that's made on an aluminum chassis instead of a wooden one – but with some sort of little appendages on the hood that look like they could be bonnet clips.

Just what Morgan is hiding, we have no idea at this point. It could be a new engine, a new bodystyle variant, an electric version... the cloudy sky over Malvern, England, is the limit. But we'll be watching to see what the Morgan Motor Company has in store for us.

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