Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady gives Chevy Colorado to Malcolm Butler [w/poll]

Winning the Super Bowl, we'd imagine, is pretty sweet. Winning the MVP award at the Super Bowl, even more so – for many reasons, among them that you get a brand new Chevy Colorado, packed full of, you know... technology and stuff.

Of course this year's Most Valuable Player was none other than Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quaterback who was crowned Super Bowl MVP for the third time and lead the Pats to win the Super Bowl for the fourth time. He makes tens of millions every season, and Mrs. Brady (a.k.a. Gisele Bündchen) probably makes an extraordinarily pretty penny herself.

So what does one of the most successful and wealthy players in NFL history need with a new pickup truck? Not a whole lot, apparently: the Boston Business Journal reports that he gave the truck to Malcolm Butler, the rookie cornerback who intercepted Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson's pass on the Patriots' one-yard line with only twenty seconds to go and sealed the victory for New England. Which strikes us as a fitting gesture, even if Brady did keep the MVP trophy for himself.

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