"It's the one with the big pink carstache." Before you got into the car, that's how you knew a Lyft driver from an Uber driver. That distinction is about to disappear into the dustbin of history, according to an article in Wired. The story details how Lyft is retiring the large pink and fuzzy mustache on the grille in favor of a small, svelte, pink 'glowstache' stuck on the dashboard.

The fuzzy carstache served its purpose, making Lyft drivers recognizable everywhere, calling attention to the company and to the fact that the ride-sharing service wasn't like its competition – or any other cars working the roads. But the carstache's drawbacks, like being a hassle to mount, hanging out there all ragged and windblown, and not making the best impression on certain audiences, have made it a bit of a drag on a company that wants to expand beyond the coterie of car-sharers who appreciate a kinder, more irreverent service.

So Lyft went to design firm Ammunition for a new look, and the last 'stache standing is nicknamed the 'glowstache.' It's still a pink mustache, about the size of a banana, affixed to any dashboard with adhesive and magnets, with "a gentle pink glow" when lit during business time. Drivers will begin receiving them this month. Wired called it "a sort of 21st Century update of the taxi light." So now you know what to look for.

If you still want a carstache, though, you can get one from the company that invented them. Created before Lyft began, the ride-sharing service adopted them to make its statement, and the inventor is now Lyft's brand manager.

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