Alfa Romeo has an ambitious product plan in place to revive the marque and bring it back to North America. And according to the latest reports, that includes a new crossover.

A dozen years after the reveal of the Kamal concept pictured here, the new, as-yet-unnamed production crossover – referred to internally as Project 949 – will be Alfa's first, arriving hot on the heels of sister-company Maserati's upcoming Levante crossover.

The high-riding Alfa will be about the size of the Audi Q5 or BMW X3, and is reportedly being developed on the same rear-drive "Giorgio" platform as the replacement for the discontinued 159 sedan, which is expected to be called Giulia overseas but possibly wear the 6C moniker in North America when it's unveiled on June 24 at the Alfa Romeo museum outside Milan.

Both models are expected to be produced at the company's Cassino plant near Rome, and feature a new family of engines including a high-output diesel V6. A larger crossover is set to follow as well.

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