Big rig drags minivan 16 miles after snowy accident

  • Image Credit: Roscommon County Sheriff's Office
Four people in a minivan in Michigan had a harrowing ride early on January 7 when their vehicle got stuck underneath a semi truck. After sliding into the back of the big rig due to the slippery conditions, the vehicle was dragged 16 miles along the interstate until police could stop the 18-wheeler.

The Roscommon County Sheriff received a call from the surely panicked driver around 1:57 AM. Photos taken by the officers showed the van caked in snow, which led to the van's occupants being unable to tell dispatchers exactly where the vehicle was located. The passengers only knew they were going northbound on I-75. The truck driver also wasn't aware of the stricken minivan attached to the big rig.

Deputies from another county eventually helped find the semi truck and minivan and brought them to a safe stop. While the front of the van took heavy damage, there are not believed to be any serious injuries to those inside, though the four occupants of the van were still taken to a local hospital to be checked out. Read below for the Roscommon County Sheriff's statement on the incident, and check out the photos in the gallery to see more of the damage.
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At 1:57 am on 01/07/2015, Roscommon County Central Dispatch received a call from motorists traveling northbound on I-75 several miles south of Roscommon, who due to poor visibility from the snow, rear ended a semi-truck pulling a large trailer northbound on I-75 in Roscommon County. The caller's mini-van became lodged under the trailer and was being pulled down I-75 unbeknownst to the driver of the semi-truck. The four occupants of the minivan could not see due to snow and were unable to update dispatchers reference their location. Roscommon and Crawford County Deputies were dispatched to attempt to locate the vehicles. The vehicles were later intercepted by deputies from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office, south of Grayling on northbound I-75. Deputies successfully stopped the vehicles without incident, 16 miles from where the original collision had occurred. The four occupants of the minivan were transported by ambulance to Grayling Mercy Hospital for evaluation. However, no serious injuries are suspected.

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