Continental might end a partnership with Korean battery manufacturer SK Innovation due to low demand. Lower-than-expected growth and an abundance of competition have cast a shadow over the partners' plans to supply lithium ion batteries for electric cars. Continental CFO Wolfgang Schaefer sees interest in EVs, but says consumers "are delaying their purchases," leading the Germany-based company to find a way to end the deal. Read more at Bloomberg.

Chargemaster has installed the Rapid EV quick charging network in Wiltshire, England. The six "triple standard" chargers are equipped with CHAdeMO, DC 44 kilowatt CCS Combi and AC 43 kilowatt Type 2 plugs to support a wide variety of electric vehicles. The charging stations are linked to the country's Polar network, and can charge cars to 80 percent in 20 minutes. The chargers are free to use. Read more at Hybrid Cars.

A bill in Chicago could allow retailers to sell E15 within city limits. The suggested amendment to the Chicago Clean Air Choice ordinance is intended to help reduce air pollution and promote energy security and independence by supporting ethanol. "By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by increasing ethanol usage, this ordinance is supporting a renewable fuel that is grown in America, keeping American dollars and troops at home, instead of sending them overseas," says Alderman Anthony Beale. Read more at Domestic Fuel.

Probably just because they could, Auto Express pitted a Tesla Model S against a TVR Tuscan S in a drag race. The publication put the cars through multiple runs throughout the day with the electric car up against the inline-6-equipped TVR on an 1800-meter runway, and posted the cars' best times for the day. We won't spoil the results here, so watch what happens in the video below.

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