Hornet Ball 2014 video is ten minutes of the Navy's finest fighter jets

It seems like each and every week, we uncover yet another fighter jet video and proclaim it one of the coolest we've ever seen, only to stumble across something even cooler the following week. Well, this time around, we're pretty sure we've found the cream of the crop.

This is called Hornet Ball, and according to Foxtrot Alpha, it's kind of an annual thing from a YouTuber called Wingnut Wick. While Wick's entire catalog of fighter jet videos is certainly worth perusing, it's Hornet Ball's 2014 vintage that we're drooling over today.

Starring the F/A-18 Hornet (hence the name), it's a ten-minute montage dedicated to the US Navy's frontline fighter. There're flybys, carrier launches and landings, aerobatics and even some missiles fired and bombs launched. Overall, it's a great way to start your Friday.

Take a look.

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