Electric motorcycles have yet to really make their mark in the competitive world. However, the recent domination of the French Championship's Senior 2 class by Bastien Hyete aboard an Electric Motion 5.7 may prove to be a bellwether for the trials sport. This is, after all, the first series in which an electric bike beat out its gas-powered brethren on a level playing field under corresponding conditions.

Hyete bested 57 other competitors in his category – despite not even entering the seventh (and final) event – with four top finishes, after starting out the season with a pair of middle podiums. We can't say how much, exactly, the Frenchman was aided by the electric nature of his mount, but trials riding is all about balance and throttle control, and apparently the EM 5.7 offered more than enough of those two qualities.

According to CleanRider, Electric Motion has sold about 200 units worldwide since its 2012. The 70-kg (154.3-pound) bike is powered by a brushless DC motor that peaks at 10 kWs (13.41 horsepower) and offers as much as 20 Nm (14.75 pound-feet) of torque. Its battery holds a slight 1.2 kWh, but is said to offer between 60 to 160 minutes of run time, while charging to 80 percent in 40 minutes. Top speed is limited to be 55 kilometers per hour (34.18 miles per hour) which, given its purpose and the fact that it doesn't have a seat, seems plenty fast to us. Power is carefully doled out using four different power maps: novice, trek, wet trial, and dry trial. Although trials riding is not a big sport in the U.S., the bike has crossed the Atlantic and is available through Ryan Young Products.

Scroll below for a brief celebratory video featuring Monsieur Hyete in rock-mounting, hill climbing action. As a bonus, we've thrown in a second clip featuring footage from a few other notable moments from the season.

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