Series III Land Rover gets adventurous with Petrolicious

Petrolicious has established quite a reputation as a producer of gorgeous videos that focus on rare, exclusive performance machines. That reputation isn't enough to preclude the video junkies to ignore the awesomness that is an old Land Rover on sand dunes, though.
This week, Petrolicious interviewed Pawel Litwinski, a freelance photographer and owner of a clean (ish) Series III Land Rover that sees regular action along the sandy stretches of California's coast. The fascination with going off road has been long in the making, as Litwinski idolized the trucks and four-by-fours that took to the beaches near his childhood home in Coney Island, NY.

What's most interesting about this particular Series III is that it's far from a garage queen. Litwinski regular trots it out on the dunes of Pismo Beach, and as we can see in the video, he has no fear of working the truck hard. It even serves as a sort of photo assistant, in a pinch. And most remarkable of all, Litwinski claims the old Landy "never breaks down."

Take a look at the video as Petrolicious goes off road.

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