Evel Knievel may have been the greatest daredevil ever, at least in the popular imagination, and in his prime, there were toys, comics and even movies about him. Some jumps eluded success even for Knievel, though. With the 40th anniversary of the legend's failed launch across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho quickly approaching, one team with clear inspiration from him might make it a success.

In 1974, Knievel hoped to complete a jump across the Snake River Canyon, but he wasn't going to use a motorcycle to do it. Instead, he had a rocket-propelled vehicle called the Skycycle X-2 (pictured above) to make it over the gap, and only a parachute ensured a safe landing. Test flights didn't make it across, but Knievel climbed into the real attempt that September, which was either incredibly brave or very stupid. The 'chute opened during launch and Knievel narrowly avoided falling into the river. With 40 years approaching, it seems like the perfect time to try again.

Two teams had planned to make attempts this year – one on an actual motorcycle and the other in another rocket. Unfortunately, the world is going to miss out on the outrageously cool spectacle of seeing them both try because the cycle team is dropping out, according to Visor Down. The good news is that the rocket looks go for launch in September.

The team has a Facebook page that you can check out with the appropriate motto "Second Time's a Charm," and it's already preparing the site. The location is reportedly about six miles from Knievel's jump, according to Visor Down, and maybe this new attempt can succeed where the legend couldn't.

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