GM extends sympathy to Chinese explosion victims as death toll climbs to 75

General Motors China has extended its "deepest sympathy" to families of the 75 killed and 185 injured in Saturday's explosion at the Kunshan Zhongrong Metal Products' factory, near Shanghai. Kunshan Zhongrong polishes aluminum wheels for GM vehicles, is a component supplier of Dicastal, a major aluminum parts manufacturer, according to Just Auto.

"For the families of the victims and those injured in this terrible tragedy, we extend our deepest sympathy to them," a GM China spokesman told Just Auto.

The death toll at the plant has risen from 71 killed to 75, while the number of people injured has fallen from 186 to 185. Initial reports claimed that 68 people were killed and 187 injured in the blast, which occurred at 7:37 AM local time on Saturday (Friday evening on America's East Coast). The plant employs some 450 employees.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has sworn that those responsible will face severe punishment, with President Xi Jinping dispatching one of China's five state councilors to the facility, Automotive News reports. Five of the company's executives are currently in custody.

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