Google's self-driving car caused a stir last week with people debating whether they would really want to give up complete control of a vehicle to a vehicle. The tech giant has been working with autonomous versions of the Toyota Prius and Lexus RX for years, but if the situation ever got a little too much like Westworld, the driver could always take over. Its latest creation eschews that ability, putting the computers entirely in control. Comedian Conan O'Brien realized that there still could be a few bugs in Google's utopian system.

Coco re-edited the original video to make things a little more like the horror that many people imagine it may be like to be in a car without any direct control. Imagine how often your navigation system is just a little bit wrong; now think about not being able to do anything to adjust for it. That's what makes the concept so scary.

If you're a cat fan, you might want to look away because computer-generated felines get the worst treatment here. Scroll down for a look at the autonomous prototype with a bit more pessimism and humor towards the future tech.

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