Kristen Stacy is officially the quickest person on four battery-powered wheels. On Friday night at Virginia Motorsports Park just south of Richmond, Virginia, she swung the Lawless Industries dragster "Hammerdown" the quarter-mile length of the dragstrip in a blistering 7.89 seconds at 161.87 miles per hour. She then nailed down the NEDRA record with a backup run of 7.94 seconds at 159.80 mph.

Now, you may recall that Don Garlits was even quicker during shakedown runs in his Swamp Rat 37 machine last week, laying down a 7.26-second time at 184.01 mph. In that case, though, there wasn't a qualifying backup trip down the strip, so no official record. Interestingly, Lawless Industries also played a role in putting his dragster together, engineering the powertrain of the six-motored monster, among other things.

The result removes the crown from long-reigning king Dennis Berube, who's held the top spot since 2007. One might guess that she may not hold it for long, with Garlits ready to soon return back to the track in his Quest For 200 MPH. Still, for now she is our queen of electric speed and her "Hammerdown" ride still has lots of potential for lower elapsed times. Scroll below for the official NEDRA press release with more details along with video of her backup drive. Make sure you have the sound turned up because, although you may not hear much noise from the car, the patter from the track announcer is not to be missed.

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Kristen Stacy puts the Hammerdown and breaks a new electric dragster record!

NEDRA NEWS - Richmond, VA (May 2, 2014) Kristen Stacy is showing the guys how to put the "hammer down" at Richmond Motorsports Park with a new NEDRA DR record of 7.89 seconds at 161.87 mph on her second run of the night! Click the photo above for a larger picture of Hammerdown's burnout.

Kristen's warm up run was 8.81 seconds at 142 mph. Her back-up run was a respectable 7.940 seconds at 159.80 mph. The 7.89 record makes Kristen the quickest woman in an EV to hit the drag strip. Check out the video of Kristen's 159.80 run.

Hammerdown features the one and only Zilla Z4K in existence. Yes, that's right. A 4000 amp speed controller which was producing over 3000 Amps for these runs! Who knows what it could do a full power!

Hammerdown is an electric dragster built by Lawless Industries who also built Don Garlit's Swamp Rat 37. Hammerdown, when it was called Matrix, was featured in an episode of Top Gear in the 2013 season. With Kristen at the wheel and her top notch crew at Lawless Industries we can expect to see more records this racing season.

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