The ignition-switch recall that has re-focused us on the alleged sins of the Old General Motors continues to reshape the New GM. Company CEO Mary Barra recently announced the creation of the Global Product Integrity Organization, headed by Mark Reuss and charged with taking the lead on safety issues concerning new product. Now, effective immediately, GM has split its vehicle engineering division into a Global Product Integrity side and a Global Components and Subsystems side that will "improve quality and safety in the wake of its recall crisis," according to a report in Automotive News.

This previously created global product integrity team will be a part of the new department with the same name inside vehicle engineering, its mission to enforce standards in areas like powertrain, electrical and performance engineering, as well as supplier quality. The components group will oversee "engineering operations, components development and advanced vehicle development."

A management reshuffle comes with the reorganization: VP of global vehicle engineering John Calabrese retiring, former head of chassis engineering Ken Morris taking the lead of the product integrity group, former European head of powertrain engineering Ken Kelzer taking over the components group. Further support will come from more than doubling the number of personnel who analyze consumer complaints, crashes and legal procedures looking for product safety issues.

Overall, the intent is to aid communication between all parties involved in vehicle development so that problems get solved before they reach showrooms, mimicking the "more holistic" organizational structure that's already been used to improve specific performance aspects of GM products.

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