Transcendence is a Johnny Depp vehicle that opens at movie theaters this weekend. The Tesla Model S is a Elon Musk vehicle that easily transcends the speed limits. What do these two seemingly unassociated facts share in common? A speeding ticket.

It seems a few cast members of the sci-fi film – which is not at all remotely anything like The Lawnmower Man – including the aforementioned Depp, were being given an on-road demonstration of the all-electric sedan by the automaker's CEO when they were pulled over for speeding.

According to a report in the Sun tabloid, Musk visited the set where he was introduced to Depp by director Wally Pfister. This led to the trio, along with co-stars Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany, all piling into the car for a bit of a joy ride. Apparently, Musk got a little too joyous with the accelerator and they were soon pulled over by an officer of the law, who was neither star-struck nor amused by the antics of the assembled celebrities. Depp is quoted as saying, "Elon had a good sense of humour about it. The cop did not. He needed a humor chip. But it was a good time, nonetheless."

We don't know if the excursion led to any Model S sales, but we can say that the prolific movie star definitely enjoyed the adventure. "I had one of the best experiences I've ever had," Depp said. While we (sadly) don't have footage from the incident to share, you can scroll below for the official trailer from Transcendence.

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