ev coloring book kickstarterHow hard is it to sell an electric car? According to Ayumi Kim, who works at a Tesla Store, it can be a challenge. People come in with the strangest questions, like "Can you plug in a chainsaw into the cigarette lighter?" or "What happens if I hit a wombat with this car?" Yes, a wombat.

Instead of getting frustrated by all of the EV newbies coming into the store, Kim (pictured) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote electric vehicles through a coloring book. Working with artist Sarah W-R, Kim is hoping to put together a 12-24-page book that not only answers some of the bizarre questions she's had to answer as she talks to potential customers about, EVs but will also include infographics that show the benefits of owning an EV. She said she doesn't yet drive an EV herself, but is anxiously waiting for the Model E to come out.

Kim says the text is done but the artwork is still being worked on. The Kickstarter campaign - which is totally unaffiliated with her employer - will run for another 26 days. You can check it out on Kickstarter and watch a short video below.

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