To be honest, I can barely use chop sticks properly to pick up sushi, but Japanese artist Makoto Endo has come up with an entirely unique way to master these eating utensils. He uses the slivers of wood to create wonderful works of art, and while his subjects run the gamut (including nude models), his paintings caught our attention with his amazing recreations of motorcycles.

The video below shows Endo in action earlier this year painting a classic motorcycle with just his chopsticks and some black ink with an outcome that brings the bikes to life on paper in a crude yet surprisingly detailed process. It's remarkable to see how Endo creates his art – even with people standing in front of his subject – but there are even more examples on his website, which contains some content that is NSFW. He also commissions pieces that according to Wired vary in price from $1,500 to $2,500. See for yourself below.

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