Looks like it's more than just being competitive that is pushing Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari next season. Ahead of this weekend's Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, the icy Finn has threatened to boycott the final two races, the United States Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix, claiming his team, Lotus Renault, have not paid him "a single euro all year."

"I came here only because, hopefully, we found an understanding," Raikkonen told the media, while also saying his decision to race in the UAE was made at the last minute. According to BBC Sport, Raikkonen's salary is eight million euros, or $10.8 million as of this writing, plus 50,000 euros ($67,515) per point, meaning he's been shorted 17.5 million euro ($23.6 million) this season.

The team, which has struggled financially this year, has argued that Kimi's millionaire status should allow them to take care of their employees first. But Raikkonen's anger does seem justifiable - the season started in March, after all. "I am only here because I enjoy driving. But there are too many other things that get involved, a big part of it is business. We all try to make the best out of it. It is sad we end up in the position we are," Raikkonen said.

What do you think? Is Kimi, as an extremely wealthy individual and the face of the team, simply throwing a bit of a tantrum? Or would you support his boycott of the final two races? Let us know in Comments.

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