Joey Ruiter is fed up with what cars have become, so much so that he did something about it. The product designer based in Michigan built his own vehicle: the Reboot Buggy.

The box on wheels reminds us what cars once were - crude replacements for the horse and buggy - and is his interpretation of what they should be: a form of transportation, stripped down to the bare minimum. You can read about the details of the buggy in a previous post, but the Reboot Buggy is really one of those cases where less equals more. Amazingly, it can be driven on the street, but it also can tear up just about any off-road or on-road environment one throws at it - at very high speeds; 470 horsepower, long-travel suspension and 40-inch tires can do that.

Baas Creative recently made a video about the Reboot Buggy, which you can watch below. Aside from the jumps, the flames and the other full-throttle antics, the six-minute film explores the depths of Ruiter's mind and has a very high production value. It's definitely worth a watch.

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