Stand-up scooters just got real – real awesome! The Rover from Works Electric takes the basic stand-up-scooter formula and adds style, speed, and more than a teaspoon of geek sweetness to make a strong argument for a new two-wheeled urban commuting tool. No, really! Hear us out.

Unlike a Segway – once touted as a vehicle that would change the way cities are built – or even a bicycle, the Rover can be easily stashed under a desk or in the back of a car. Also, with a top speed of 28 miles per hour and range promises of 18 miles (35 mph and 30 miles of range from the more expensive BR model) it's a lot more practical for actually traveling any significant distance than those two conveyances. Don't want to stand for ten miles? There's an optional seat.

Hand crafted from aluminum, the fat-wheeled device contains a high tech lithium battery pack within its deck, employing phase-change material (PCM) to help keep things cool. Other sophisticated touches include LED head and tail lights, a smart phone cradle between the clip-on handlebars, and regenerative braking to help out the front-wheel disc stopper and add to range.

If you're in the Portland area, you can get hooked up with a test drive through the Works Electric website, where you'll find all the specs and a slightly eye-watering $4,970 to $5,920 price tag. Don't expect delivery soon, however. This year's production is sold out and the line is already forming for 2014. Scroll below for a trio of videos, including the company's promo clip, along with a nicely shot, informative piece from Digital Trends and some real-world foray footage.

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