When it comes to NASCAR racing, fans can always count on superspeedway tracks to provide exciting racing and spectacular crashes, but adding in some Japanese voiceover commentary is a great way to crank up the intensity a little more. One such commentator gives an entertainingly overzealous play-by-play during a final-lap crash at last weekend's Camping World Truck Series race at Talladega, and while we admittedly have absolutely no idea what he's saying, our heart race increases just by virtue of his intensity.

Approaching the checkered flag, the crash was caused by one truck getting another truck loose, and fortunately, ESPN is reporting that the only major injury that was suffered during the scary crash was Justin Lofton's broken thumb. A video of the crash – and the comical commentating – is posted below.

UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, we've been duped. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. The enthusiastic commentary appears to have originated from a drift event, which can be seen here. At least the information from ESPN was correct...

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