Passive aggressive notes left on cars seem to be popping up a lot recently, and some are much nastier than others. Last week, a Michigan man found this anonymous note on his car accusing him of abusing a handicap parking spot.

"I would love to see your wheelchair!" the note read. "I'm guessing male 25-35 years professional who thinks he's got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong."

The note-writer was wrong. Matt Milstead, the owner of the car parked in the spot, has been paralyzed for over twenty years. He had parked his BMW in a handicap spot at a YMCA in Grand Rapids, Mich. to participate in a wheelchair rugby game. When he returned to his car he found the note jammed into his door handle.

Matt was confused as to why the note writer would just assume a car with proper handicap identification wouldn't belong to a handicapped person. His wife Leslie was simply angry.

"It's not going to stop those people that are abusing it. And the damage is done when it gets to someone that really deserves to be there," Leslie told Wood 8 News.

The couple hope that by going public with the note they can deter other misguided parking lot avengers.

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