The Chevrolet Cavalier Convertible is not what most people would call a "good" car. Even when new, its interior was composed almost exclusively of second-rate plastics, its engines were asthmatic and its transmissions made decisions with the quickness and alacrity of Congress. If nothing else, it was a disposable car.

It's that last quality that makes it the perfect subject for the Slow Mo Guys, a crew of destruction-minded dudes who decided to strap a not-insignificant amount of explosives to one such General Motors offering. The resulting explosion, inspired by a scene from a Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg movie, promptly rips the Chevrolet into pieces while spewing fake money into the air. We can think of no more suitable a fate for a Cavalier. Scroll down to watch the entire video from the Slow Mo Guys.

Chevrolet Cavalier Information

Chevrolet Cavalier

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