If Bo Duke were still going at it today, he might have a buzz cut and drive an orange Polaris RZR, but he sure as Hell wouldn't crash his ride – especially if Luke Duke were in the passenger seat. That said, this modern-day Dukes of Hazzard wannabe didn't have his cousin riding shotgun, and maybe that's a good thing. After driving his RZR side-by-side impressively far up the side of a cliff, he came tumbling back down – in the process losing his skateboard helmet and "pretzeling" the poor General Lee-themed Polaris.

While we're all for having fun in motorized vehicles, let's take something away from this stunt: A skateboard helmet is hardly enough head protection in a crash like this – especially if it falls off. We consider the driver to be very lucky to have walked away unscathed.

Watch the video below to see the cliff-climbing antics, but only if you're prepared to deal with some Not Safe For Work explicit language.

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