We've already found out what can happen to people when they drive while operating their cell phones, and it can be tragic. There are plenty of studies on distracted driving that show use of mobile devices while behind the wheel is both dangerous and increasingly commonplace, and the obvious solution, voice-controlled technology, might also be more dangerous than we thought.

But technology doesn't slow down for anybody. With digital media devices becoming an inescapable part of our lives, YouTube applications have become so popular that the video service can be operated on almost anything with a screen. But there's one frontier YouTube hasn't conquered: the automobile. Could you imagine what would happen if we could watch videos on car windshields, or had a keyboards mounted to steering wheels? We're glad Barely Political dared to imagine (but we hope YouTube doesn't), and then made a hilariously creepy video about it for YouTube's Geek Week called Introducing CarTube. All we ask is that this one stays in the idea box.

We won't spoil the fun, so be sure to watch the video below - this one shouldn't be missed!

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