McLaren takes P1 up the hill at Goodwood with contest winner in tow

Andrew Freeman is proof that video games will take you places. That's not really news, we suppose, considering the success of Nissan and the GT Academy, which takes talented gamers and turns them into full-blooded racecar drivers. Freeman's case is a bit different, though, as it was more deduction than a blistering lap that got him a seat in a McLaren P1.

Freeman won his spot by taking part in the Forza McLaren Ride, a Facebook contest where he had to watch the trailer for Forza Motorsport 5, then use a map of the circuit shown in the video and figure out where the starting grid was at. The person closest would win a free trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and would be the first person from outside the McLaren organization to ride in a P1, with McLaren's head test driver, Chris Goodwin, at the wheel. And to top it off, they'd be tackling the Earl of March's driveway.

Take a full look at the video of Freeman and his trip below.

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