Jaguar's upcoming BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class fighter that we've seen testing wearing a modified XF body is poised to use a lot of aluminum in its construction. Edmunds reports that the entry-level luxury sedan, long rumored to be called XS (or perhaps the Q-Type, according to Edmunds), will have an all-aluminum monocoque body structure, similar to the XJ, to save weight. Edmunds also reports that it will go on sale in 2014 as a 2015 model. Automotive News has a different story, and reports that a range of all-aluminum entry-level Jaguars, including the XS, a wagon and a crossover, will hit the market in 2015.

The XS will replace the long-dead X-Type, finally giving Jaguar a product in the highly competitive luxury compact sedan segment. As we've reported before, the new Jaguar is expected to be offered in the US initially with turbocharged four- and supercharged six-cylinder engines, although we have seen a diesel version testing.

In addition to the aluminum Jaguars, Jaguar Land Rover has reportedly stated that it plans to use aluminum monocoques for all upcoming Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, and that it will invest 2.75 billion pounds ($4.22 billion) on new products and production facilities each year for the next four years.

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