If you're unfamiliar with HISHE, a.k.a How It Should Have Ended, then bid the rest of your day a fond farewell. HISHE is a popular YouTube channel that produces animated videos depicting how certain movies, well, should have ended. They like to take the logical outcomes that most movies ignore in their plots and follow them to a more humorous end. Their latest subject: Fast and Furious 6.

Available to watch below, the HISHE take on FF6 is the first time this talented team of animators has taken on driving scenes, and while the animation's level of quality and complexity is purposely on par with something like South Park, we think they lampooned the movie's biggest plot holes perfectly. World's longest runway? Check. A bunch of cars versus a tank? Check. Indestructible Dom? Check. They even joke about the backwards timeline, where FF6 technically takes place before the franchise's third film, Tokyo Drift.

And just to make sure you're an HISHE fan for life, be sure to check out any of their videos on superhero movies, particularly Batman, and the Super Cafe. Speaking of which, the next movie getting the HISHE treatment is this summer's blockbuster Man of Steel.

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