Former California "Governator" and action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is far from your typical environmental activist. Sure, he championed California's carbon-reducing Assembly Bill 32 and supported alternative fuel vehicles, especially hydrogen-powered one, but we don't know of any other high-profile "eco-activist" so proud of his fleet of Hummers.

"We should let people know they can be part of the solution by changing the technology in that car."

Schwarzenegger recently explained why he owns Hummers after attending a meeting with the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. The key point is that his Humvees are no longer the gas-guzzling type. "They are hydrogen engines and bio-fuel engines and one is being changed into an electrical engine," Schwarzenegger told The Daily Telegraph while visiting Brussels to promote an environmental project led by global mayors and regional leaders. While most environmentalists stress conservation and downsizing consumption, Schwarzenegger says you can have it both ways. Don't try to make people feel guilty about driving big, fast, powerful cars, he said. "But we should let them know they can be part of the solution by changing the technology in that car," he said.

Basically, Schwarzenegger's message was that consumption and green living can go hand-in-hand. Owning a Jacuzzi doesn't have to be lavish and wasteful – just heat it with solar panels, he said, and if you really want to get a flat-screen TV, buy one that's more energy efficient. Overall, Schwarzenegger wants to give the environmental movement more lifestyle options. It's not required to be puritanical or austere – he wants to see it become "more hip, more modern and more sexy."

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