Question: When does the desire to win dictate that a racing driver try to drive slower than everyone else? Answer: When those drivers are attempting to qualify for the opening of the World Touring Car Championship at the Salzburgring track in Austria.

And now for the why. It seems that, after racing hard for the first several minutes of the qualifying session, several drivers decided to slow down to let others pass them in an effort to follow close behind in the slipstream. It's a well-known fact that drafting is one way to gain an advantage in close wheel-to-wheel racing, but the desire to catch a competitor has never proven so comical as it did in this instance.

The final lap of qualifying was so slow that time ran out as the field limped their way around the track. Officials were not amused, and after it was all said and done, 12 drivers were handed penalties, leaving Michel Nykjaer, who was not penalized, on pole. Check out the ridiculous scene of poor sportsmanship on video below.

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