Tessa Baughman didn't exactly set any speed records on a recent visit to her Arkansas family from Michigan, unless you factor in the time saved on not filling up a few times.

The energy engineer for the Chevy Cruze Diesel, interviewed in a short General Motors video (available below), said she was able to go 900 miles on a single tank during the first leg of the drive. The catch is that she drove "five below speed limit" the whole way down, but she certainly more than backed up the EPA's Cruze Diesel fuel-economy rating of 46 miles per gallon, the best of any non-hybrid vehicle. Heck, that's a well-north-of-50 mpg pace for the model, which comes equipped with low rolling-resistance tires, a six-speed automatic transmission, tire deflectors and other fuel-saving features.

Baughman went at a slightly brisker pace on the way back, i.e. with the flow of traffic, but was still able to wring 800 miles between fill-ups. We're guessing there were no speeding tickets involved, either.

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