After watching this video of Brazilian police ramming a suspected drug-smuggling plane with their car to prevent it from taking off, I've realized that Hollywood has once again lied to me. My last exposure to Brazilian law enforcement was courtesy of their portrayal in 2011's Fast Five, in which the country's police force was presented by Tinsel Town as easily corruptible and able to be defeated by a couple of Americans in Dodge Chargers towing a safe.

In reality, though, it appears not all Brazilian cops roll over that easily. The ones in this dramatic video did their own real-life stunt work when they decided to ram a suspected drug transport plane during takeoff. Appearing to take out the plane's tail section and then ram it from the side, the officers also braved some flying bullets, though it's unclear from the video who was doing the shooting. Huffington Post reports that five people were arrested and 230 kilograms of cocaine base paste were seized.

The Brazilian police aren't even newcomers to the plane-ramming business. An equally, if not more, dramatic video was captured in 2011 that showed Brazilian police using their car to shear off an entire wing of a plane while it was taking off. All of which makes me now believe that if Hollywood were more realistic, Fast Five would've been over in 20 minutes with Dom and Brian in handcuffs. Scroll down to watch this real-life car-vs-plane chase scene.

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