Reuters reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating certain Ford Crown Victoria, Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper models for potential defects. NHTSA is currently looking into 2005-2008 Crown Victoria police car models for steering column failures that could cause the upper and lower portions of the steering shaft to separate. Such a condition would lead to a loss of control. So far there are 195,000 vehicles involved with 15 warranty claims.

Meanwhile, 10,000 Porsche 911 sports cars are under investigation for a faulty cooling hose fitting. The loose hose could cause a rapid loss of coolant that could not only damage the engine, but cause a slick road surface that could pose a danger to other traffic. The investigation is only concerned with models equipped with 2001-2007 models. There have been 10 owner complaints of failures, with one owner saying the coolant caused him to loose control and spin the vehicle off of the road.

Investigators are also looking into certain 2005-2006 Dodge Viper models for a rear suspension knuckle failure. Two owners have filed complaints after crashes, and NHTSA is now looking into 2,500 of the vehicles.

Note: these probes aren't recalls, but can lead to them if NHTSA or the automakers find sufficient evidence of danger to drivers.

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