A playful design company has created a delightful set of wooden playthings. The Dream Car by Huzi Design was a successful Kickstarter campaign for a set of interchangeable wooden blocks that can be used to create any kind of car – no, not just a car, any kind of thing on wheels. Now available for sale, Huzi uses birch wheels affixed to walnut bases, and different bodystyles are made of poplar and coated with the same paint used for chalkboards. The wooden bases contain magnets that are recessed when not in use but that pop out to secure the body on when needed. Each set comes with a box of dustless chalk so kids, and adults, can draw on the bodies and not make a mess.

The project was a collaboration of designers from around the world, answering the question "Why can't a dream car have graffiti on it, or have triangular windows, or even not have any resemblance of a movable vehicle?"

The video below with details the project from its Kickstarter roots, and explains the brainchild of a woman whose company name comes from asking herself the question, "What would the world look like if we all had a mustache?"

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