Spring time inevitably means heavy rains for most of the country, and that equates to plenty of drivers squaring off against flash flood conditions. Easily one of the most dangerous situations on the road, flood waters on roadways are almost certainly more dangerous than they seem. Need proof? Check out this video from 2010. In it, water is backed up on one side of a raised roadway. While it appears as if there's just a little water on the tarmac itself, the soil beneath the asphalt is quickly being eroded away. Before long, the whole surface succumbs to the water, opening up a massive, car-swallowing void.

Needless to say, any vehicle attempting to cross the road at that time would have easily been swept away. Should you come across a similar situation, remember that it's always safer to simply turn around and find another route or stay put until the water subsides. Tacking a few extra minutes onto your commute is always preferable to winding up in a submerged vehicle. Watch the video for yourself to see what we mean.

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