Proving that there's a first time for everything, 79-year-old racing legend Bob Bondurant recently jumped behind the wheel of one of his popular driving school's Chevrolet Sonic LTZ hatchbacks for a bit of drifting. But wait, how does someone drift a turbocharged front-wheel drive subcompact? Just like high schoolers have been doing for years: Lunch trays.

With a slick plastic lunch tray wedged beneath each rear tire and the parking brake locked, the five-door behaves as if its tail is on ice. This allows the Le Mans-winner-turned-driving-school-titan to toss the Chevrolet around (albeit rather slowly) and enjoy some sweet Sonic oversteer. Of course it's silly... but Bob sure looks like he's having fun.

If you are interested in owning one of the mangled and charred trays, signed by the legend himself, check out this eBay auction after watching the video below.

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