While the launch of a new, car-based website is rarely newsworthy – of the hundreds we're tipped about each year, most are cesspools of spam or vanish in short order. However, the debut of an enthusiast-facing print magazine has actually become a pretty rare occurrence. So when we first caught wind of GranTurismo, we were intrigued enough to take a deeper look.

GranTurismo, as the name hints, will cover European makes and models, both old and new, with the depth afforded by a staff that has spent much of their careers to this point doing just that. The mix will also include motorcycle content in the same Euro genre, as well as motorsports reporting and a "Kit" section that will offer up various watches and driving shoes that we can't afford (advertisers love that stuff). And, while the tradition for this kind of sporting and heritage book is well established in British titles like Classic Cars and Motor Sport (to name but two), GranTurismo will be written and published right here in the US. The small team of editors is based in Chicago and led by Bryan Joslin – a name some of you might recognize from Motive, Kilometer and VW Vortex.

We've seen the pilot issue of the print mag, and it looks and feels genuinely lovely. A non-traditional horizontal layout gives the photography room to breathe, with plenty of space to display cars in the way we see them in real life. What's more, if print-and-ink publishing just isn't your thing, GranTurismo also plans to offer digital versions for both your iPad and Android tablet.

Check out the GranTurismo Kickstarter page and watch the promo video below for more information, too.

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