The previous mark for the number of cars simultaneously performing a burnout, as certified by those record keepers at the Guinness Book of World Records, was 49. That mark has now been moved to 69 (even though the newscast graphic says 70, it was 69) thanks to the petrolheads ready to sacrifice tires at Australia's Summernats Car Festival in the nation's capital, Canberra.

The annual festival has always included burnout competitions, usually for one of two titles that end in "a bloodbath of rubber and smoke." According to one of the Summernats co-owners, this year's attempt effort in the Liqui-Moly Power Pit ended with about 30 tires blowing during the 30-seconds of sustained scorching needed to take the record.

You'll find a newscast of the burnout in the first video below, along with a spectator's capture of the record from beginning to end. And smoke. Lots and lots of smoke.

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