Have you ever heard of the art of "Italian Yoga"? We certainly hadn't, but when we caught word that Tom and Ray Magliozzi (better known as the Car Talk brothers) were practitioners, we were intrigued. So what exactly is Italian Yoga?

Peter Catizone is the movement's "founder," and describes Italian Yoga, or "dolce far niente" as the fine art of "sitting at the corner cafe with espresso, cigars, cannoli and good friends." This practice involves exchanging jokes, stories and generally anything to distract one from prospect of returning to work.

Andrew Magliozzi, nephew of the Car Talk duo, is aiming to start short documentary-style video, that would air as three long segments on YouTube over the next year. To raise funds for the project, a Kickstarter page has been started, with the goal of raising the necessary $40,000 for production. Those interested could donate as little as a dollar, but larger donations will get you all sorts of swag from the Car Talk boys.

The essence of enjoying a moment of leisure in the middle of the day is something we could all get behind. Especially if it means sitting outside, smoking a few vices and enjoying the day. Add in the always-entertaining banter of Tom and Ray, and you have what looks to be pretty watchable content. Check out the promotional video for the Kickstarter page and the press release below for more information on this project.

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Click and Clack move to the café for Italian Yoga

Cambridge, "Our Fair City," MA (November 2012) - For 35 years, millions of listeners have squandered a perfectly good hour each week listening to Tom and Ray Magliozzi on NPR's Car Talk ®. Since their recent retirement, the brothers have left the burden of their sixty-minute workweek behind in favor of a perpetual weekend with family and friends at various Cambridge coffee shops. Hoping for a gig that requires even less effort than a weekly radio show – and to support their deadbeat friends – they are now kickstarting Italian Yoga.

According to this Kickstarter page, Italian Yoga is yoga without the exercise plus a lot of laughter. Instead of stretching and sweating, practitioners are encouraged to sit at the café with friends, sip espresso, and enjoy a moment together. Through a documentary web series of long and short videos following of a group of garrulous Italian men, Italian Yoga proposes to teach Americans the art of Mediterranean mindfulness – aka, "il dolce far niente."

In addition to supporting the espresso habit of these lifelong friends and other ne'er-do-well denizens of Harvard Square, this Kickstarter will reward its funders with an assortment of shameless commerce and sneak-peek access to whatever hilarity they capture on video. If you'd like to laugh along with Tom, Peter, Ray, Drew, Richie, Pepe, Armando, and three guys named Tony as they avoid work and discuss matters of great existential importance – such as where to eat dinner tonight – Italian Yoga is for you.

Did you ever wonder what those car guys are really like? Can self-proclaimed "faces made for radio" make comedy on the small screen? How long does it take Tommy to drink an espresso macchiato? What advice do old Italian men possess about life, leisure, love, and happiness? Thanks to Kickstarter, you may learn these existential truths and other avenues toward enlightenment. At the very least, you'll laugh like hell in the process.

For the full Italian Yoga Kickstarter, just visit the following link:

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